Lottery Project




I am interested in paper of all forms, and especially ephemera from our lives. I create work from lottery tickets and betting slips collected on daily walks in my neighborhood. Pretty litter, I could not let it float away unless I transformed the losses I found on the street. If we do not have what we want, then how can it be made with what we have at hand? Paper, when shredded, becomes a source of warmth; a wish and a prayer in each cut, knot and stitch. This work is an allegory of “wanting the good life.”

Since having a child, I have thought more about dreams from the cradle on. I ask my little girl questions about her wishes, and she talks about a bigger house, toys, her safety. The Rocking Horse Winner, by D. H. Lawrence has always been a favorite story of mine:”Although they lived in style, they felt always an anxiety about the house….There was always the grinding sense of the shortage of money, though the style was kept up.” This attitude affects the children of the story, one so much he wears himself out to death predicting horse races to make his mother happy. It is a story that seems to have similar meaning today. With the race to the top, can you catch the ladder to get there? Will you be let in if you make it?

The Lottery Project, begun in 2005, brought me into the world of fiber art based sculpture. I originally documented my work here.

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