Today, I am starting work in my new studio, which is a room in my home we call “the library,” which has a huge wall of books, a wall of windows, and has always been a favorite place of refuge for everyone. Myself, my husband, our toddler and our cat Velour who has passed on. In setting up today, I have been reflecting on my old days in art school, when I would meet a lot of established artists coming through, many of which did not have children. I was always warned my career would be sidelined if I had kids. Well, a little over two years on, I have had projects take longer than I wanted, had to exert a lot of discipline and a lot of Will( capitalized thank you very much). But- I am working, thinking, making. Often exhausted.

I have been thinking, “Those artists I met, they did not know the generosity that would kick in, the kindness from others.” I had to go to a big box hardware store today to pick up something big and had no trouble getting someone to cart it up front for me. Then, when I was tying it to the top of the car, my daughter fussing, a man came up and said, “I can show you how to do that easier and better if you will let me.” I learned a new way if knotting things to the roof that was much better and faster. I move art a lot, so any new skill is welcome.

Coming home, daughter napping, I had time to clean out the old cat vibes and put up my table. I am a bit obsessed with dots lately.


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