Carving out some time

I carved myself a

knife to butter bread, each slice

a revelation.

I have always admired woodcarving, and having trained as a sculptor originally, you would think I tried my hand at it at some point. Other things took my interest but it renewed recently, I figured out I could take an online class and learn a new skill and make something useful and beautiful. I finished carving a knife today, shaving it bit by bit over the week, when I had a moment here and there. I have ideas and plans, but next- larger utensils, a scoop to practice. Our beautiful lilac tree needs a drastic trim. I hope I can salvage the limbs into something beautiful we can use every day and remember all of the branches climbed and forts made, birds they sheltered, and us. #cherrywood #carving #butterknife #carving #craftersbox #motokosmith

Lilac wood in transformation.

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