In Her Hands

I am currently working on a handmade suit that is part ode to the Suffragettes, and a portrait for an exhibition this summer. More details to follow, but a few shots from the progress.


Glitter, Gold, Neon…

So excited and pleased to be a part of several exhibitions in Virginia, Washington and Tennessee. The Golden Shoes, pictured below, won Staff Pick at Gallery One Visual Arts Center, in Ellenburg Washington.

Nature and Neon

Ruff Neck, 2017 is in Nature and Neon at the Arromont School of Arts and Crafts until March 3, 2018.



Nature and Neon is a national juried exhibition organized by Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts. This year’s theme invited submissions that explore juxtapositions between the natural and the artificial worlds. Arrowmont itself is geographically located where the natural and the constructed worlds converge, and is also an environment that fosters artistic creation and education. Chosen by juror, Garth Johnson, the works selected for the exhibition consider what is natural, what is unnatural, and how the intersection of both may attempt to realize its own disparate beauty. Parts whimsical and sobering, Nature and Neon offers introspection into what these artists observe about our contemporary relationship to the landscape.

Garth Johnson, curator of ceramics at the ASU Art Museum in Tempe, Arizona, selected 47 works created by 46 artists, from 189 submissions for consideration. The final selection of artists include works spanning all media, with a wide variety of approaches to the exhibition’s theme.


Ruff Neck, 2017. Found lottery tickets, metal finds and Czech glass beads.

Photo by Erik Gould.


Happiness is trying a new skill, and remembering a few old ones, too. In the studio, paper making, silkscreen printmaking and more.

Lots of math in the studio these days

Fall projects: boxes, printing and paper. Measuring twice, weights and measures.


My daughter Asha and I are in a sound art project in the Cities and Memory: Protest and Politics. My husband Erik Gould not only takes photographs, but records sounds for some of his projects. He recorded all our voices chanting,’We want a leader! Not a crazy tweeter!” for Belly Full Of Stars (Kim Rueger) contribution. Click on the map, and find San Franciso. You will hear the original recording of protest, and Kim Rueger’s interpretations. She put a call out to friends to help her with the recording, and she featured the youngest voice at the beginning and end, and it’s Asha! I have a tiny bit in the end, too. This site is great if you have not discovered it yet. Recordings all around the world, of everyday things for posterity.


Once the pieces are done, everything falls into place. Parts, parts and more parts. #lottery #fiberart